Tesco Equal Pay Case

Tesco Equal Pay Case: Around 1000 Staff Bring Claims

Further to our last article on the Tesco equal pay case, news has emerged that around 1000 Tesco employees have now lodged claims against the company, with Tesco potentially facing the UK’s largest ever equal pay claim. It is estimated that it could result in Tesco having to pay out in excess of £4 billion […]

Presenteeism Image

The Phenomenon Of Presenteeism In The Workplace

Following on from our recent article about stress at work, another new survey has found that what has also grown in tandem with the rise in work related stress, has been the increasing problem of ‘presenteeism‘. The Phenomenon of Presenteeism It used to be the case that presenteeism simply meant working longer hours and taking fewer […]

Still Unprepared For GDPR Image

Companies Still Unprepared For GDPR, With Less Than 1 Month To Go

With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming in to force on 25th May 2018, a new survey by the British Standards Institution (BSI) has discovered that companies are still unprepared for GDPR, despite there now being less than a month to go before implementation. Hence, little has changed since we reported on the issue […]

stress at work image

Stress At Work: A Growing Problem

New research from CABA, a charity that supports chartered accountants, has found that stress at work remains an enormous problem Mental Health At Work As we highlighted in a previous article, a report by the Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund (BHSF) entitled “Breaking the Cycle” found that A quarter of British workers had taken time off […]

gender pay gap reporting investigations image

Gender Pay Gap Reporting: Investigations Into Those Who Missed The Deadlines To Begin In June 2018

Further to our last article, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has stated that the gender pay gap reporting investigations into the approximately 1500 organisations that missed the deadlines for reporting their data will begin in June 2018. Gender Pay Gap Reporting Investigations The EHRC announced that there would be gender pay gap reporting […]

Underprepared for GDPR Image

The NHS Is Underprepared For GDPR According To Report

Further to our recent article on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), new research has found that even the NHS is underprepared for GDPR with just 6 weeks to go before it comes into force. Underprepared For GDPR The think tank, Parliament Street, have just released a report entitled, ‘Getting the NHS ready for the […]