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We are a specialist firm of employment law solicitors, who are based in Wilmslow in Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, and throughout the country. Our aim is to help and assist employers and employees to resolve their employment law disputes, whatever they are. We are a member of the Employment Lawyers Association, are recognized as leading experts in the area of employment law, and have a first class track record of success.

About The Employment Law Solicitors

The Employment Law Solicitors advise both employers and employees on all aspects of employment law. This includes advising upon settlement agreements, dealing with unfair dismissal cases, and handling all types of discrimination claims. We also handle regulatory law matters, in which a regulatory body has commenced fitness to practice proceedings. Hence, should you have an employment law problem that you need resolving, then please do not hesitate to contact us. The Employment Law Solicitors can be contacted either by telephone on 0333 301 0700, or by completing the questionnaire opposite. With offices in Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool, and nationwide, we can handle your case wherever you are based in the country.

We also have a specialist unit that handles cases involving contested/disputed wills, an area of law known as contentious probate.

The following list provides you with a few examples of the types of employment law cases and other cases that we handle:-

Please note that the Employment Law Solicitors offer a free initial consultation

Origins Of The Employment Law Solicitors

The Employment Law Solicitors head office is located in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Shortly after setting up in Wilmslow, we also acquired offices in Manchester and Liverpool, and then moved nationwide. Accordingly, we now also have offices in Warrington (Cheshire), Birmingham, Cheadle (Cheshire), Cheltenham, Leeds, Sheffield, Exeter, Didsbury, Wythenshawe, Halifax, London, Gloucester, Chester (Cheshire), Shrewsbury, Nottingham, Knutsford (Cheshire), Worcester, Bristol, Cannock, Nantwich, Leicester, Cardiff, Stoke-on-Trent, Matlock, Coventry, Alderley Edge (Cheshire), Truro, Salisbury, Basingstoke, Oxford, Northampton, and Preston.

The Employment Law Solicitors Wilmslow head office in Cheshire, is based upon Water Lane. This is the main shopping street within Wilmslow. It is one of seven offices that we have in Cheshire. The other Cheshire offices are in Chester (within Chester Business Park), Warrington, Nantwich, Knutsford, Cheadle, and Alderley Edge.

The Manchester office is located in central Manchester on King Street. King Street is just off Deansgate, which is the main shopping street in Manchester, and is close to the Arndale Centre and Manchester Piccadilly Railway Station.

Our Liverpool office is opposite Liverpool Town Hall in the city centre and is close to Liverpool Moorfields Railway Station.

All of the Employment Law Solicitors offices are geared up to providing the full range of employment law services, including handling employment tribunal cases, dealing with dismissal and discrimination matters, and advising upon Settlement Agreements.

Employment Law Solicitors Who Win Tribunal Cases

We have an excellent track record in terms of both successfully bringing and defending employment tribunal cases. Accordingly, should you have a tribunal claim, then please contact us immediately. It is extremely important that you do this as soon as you become aware of the fact that you have a potential claim, as the time limits for commencing such cases are extremely tight, often as short as just 3 months.

Settlement Agreement Solicitors

If you are an employee who has been offered a Settlement Agreement that you require independent legal advice upon, then please contact us immediately. We can then arrange an appointment with you to go through the Settlement Agreement at whichever of our offices is local to you, or even over the telephone if that is what you would prefer

Settlement Agreements used to be known as Compromise Agreements, until the name was changed to Settlement Agreements on the 29th July 2013.

Should you be an employer who is looking to settle a dispute with an employee via a Settlement Agreement, then the Employment Law Solicitors can both advise upon and draft the Settlement Agreement for you.

Employment Law Solicitors: Regulatory Law & Fitness To Practice Proceedings

If a regulatory body has commenced fitness to practice proceedings against you, then the Employment Law Solicitors can provide you with help, assistance, and representation. We handle fitness to practice cases in relation to all of the regulatory bodies that regulate professionals in this country, from teachers to accountants, social workers, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Accordingly, whatever type of profession you are in, we can help.

A National Firm: Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, And Countrywide

With expertise in a wide range of industry sectors, the Employment Law Solicitors have become a leading specialist firm of employment law solicitors, with a national presence. We have expanded considerably over the last few years on the back of a long track record of success. As a result, we now have offices in Wilmslow (Cheshire), Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington (Cheshire), Chester (Cheshire), Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Shrewsbury, Sheffield, Exeter, London, Nottingham, Bristol, Nantwich (Cheshire), Stoke-on-Trent, Preston, Knutsford (Cheshire), Alderley Edge (Cheshire), Cheadle (Cheshire), Didsbury, Wythenshawe, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Worcester, Halifax, Cannock, Coventry, Truro, Salisbury, Basingstoke, Oxford, Northampton, Matlock, and Leicester.

As a national firm, we have employment law solicitors available at all of our offices with extensive experience in handling all types of employment matters on behalf of both employers and employees, including the handling of settlement agreements, dismissal and discrimination cases, and employment tribunal matters.

How To Contact The Employment Law Solicitors

The Employment Law Solicitors can be contacted by telephone on 0333 301 0700. Alternatively, please complete the questionnaire on the right hand side above.

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