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Gender Pay Gap Reporting Deadlines Pass

Further to our last article, the gender pay gap reporting deadlines have now passed. Whilst more than 10,000 organisations have published their data, over 1000 left it to the last day, and around 1500 organisations failed to meet the deadlines and published no data at all

What The Data Shows

The data published by those organisations that did meet the gender pay gap reporting deadlines revealed the following:-

  • 78% of the organisations pay men more than women
  • 14% of organisations pay women more than men
  • 8% of the organisations stated that there was no gender pay gap
  • Across all of the organisations that reported, there was a 9.7% median pay gap in favour of men
  • Amongst those who had the largest gender pay gaps were: NWN Media (North Wales News) – 82.5%, MillWall Holdings PLC (owner of Millwall FC) – 80%, and GoToDoc – 77%

Failing To Meet The Gender Pay Gap Reporting Deadlines: What Happens Next?

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), who are responsible for enforcing the gender pay gap reporting deadlines, will be sending out letters to those that have not complied on Monday, giving them 28 days to respond. Firms that fail to comply can ultimately be prosecuted, and would face unlimited fines.

The chief executive of the EHRC, Rebecca Hilsenrath, stated: “We’re looking at approximately 1,500 companies which haven’t reported. We’re obviously pleased with the rate of reporting, but it is the law, it’s not an option. It is the right thing to do, and we will be enforcing against all those organisations which failed to meet the deadline.” In terms of those who failed to report, she added: “This is going to be a very public affair. It will impact quite considerably on members of the public, people who work for them, and you’ll see a growing backlash against people who aren’t complying. [Where court action is taken] the process will result in a summary conviction, and unlimited fines set by the court.” She also stated that action would be taken against those whose figures are found not to be credible

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