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239 Employers Named And Shamed For Failing To Pay The National Minimum Wage

239 employers named and shamed by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) owe £1.44 million in back pay to 22,400 workers.

The BEIS has just released the latest minimum wage named and shamed list. The list includes Home Bargains (2nd on the list), Bristol City Football Club (13th on the list), and the Odeon and UCI Cinema Group (39th on the list). The list of 239 companies and organisations who were named and shamed, was topped by Card Factory.

239 Employers Named And Shamed In Latest List

22,400 workers were found to have been underpaid £1.44 million by 239 companies and organisations, with £1.97 million in fines being imposed

The top 10 of the 239 employers named and shamed on the minimum wage list were as follows:-

  1. Sportswift Limited, trading as Card Factory – 10,256 workers were underpaid a total £430,097.87
  2. T.J. Morris Limited, trading as Home Bargains – owe £272,228.44 in back pay to 6,743 workers
  3. John Stanley’s Care Agency Limited – 91 workers were underpaid a total of £60,056.80
  4. Fosse Healthcare Limited – £50,170.06 is owed in back pay to 185 workers
  5. ASAP 24/7 Ltd – 74 workers were underpaid a total of £41,166.31
  6. Methodist Guild Holidays Limited, trading as Christian Guild – £29,255.09 is owed as back pay to 136 workers
  7. AM 2 PM Recruitment Solutions (Birmingham) Limited – 2,057 workers were underpaid a total £22,919.12
  8. Ms Hazel Weaver, trading as Orkney and Shetland Charters – £20,148.60 is owed in back pay to 5 workers
  9. The Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes, trading as NAAFI – 60 workers were underpaid a total of £19,909.16
  10. The Christian Conference Trust – £15,479.62 are owed back pay to 28 workers


The Business Minister, Andrew Griffiths, stated: “Our priority is making sure workers know their rights and are getting the pay they worked hard for. Employers who don’t do the right thing face fines as well as being hit with the bill for backpay. The UK’s lowest paid workers have had the fastest wage growth in 20 years thanks to the introduction of the National Living Wage and today’s list serves as a reminder to all employers to check they are getting their workers’ pay right.” Bryan Sanderson, the Chairman of the Low Pay Commission, added: “It is crucial that employers understand their responsibilities and workers know their rights around the minimum wage. That is why active enforcement and effective communication from Government is so important. It is therefore encouraging to see that HMRC has recovered unpaid wages for the largest number of workers yet in this round of naming and shaming. I’m confident that the Government will continue to pursue underpayment of the minimum wage vigorously.”

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