House of Commons Justice Committee Concludes That Employment Tribunal Fees Have Had An Adverse Impact On Access To Justice

The House of Commons Justice Committee recently released an absolutely damning report upon Employment Tribunal Fees, which were introduced by the then Coalition Government back in 2013. The fees were pitched at completely exorbitant levels, and have led to a reduction in claims being instigated in the Employment Tribunal of almost 70%. The House of Commons Justice Committee concluded that the fees have “damaged” access to justice for employees as they are unaffordable for all but the wealthy.

Committee Chair Bob Neill stated: “…the timing and scale of the reduction [of almost 70%] following immediately from the introduction of fees can leave no doubt that the clear majority of the decline is attributable to fees.” This conclusion makes a total mockery of the ludicrous assertions of the Court of Appeal in the UNISON case that there was insufficient evidence.

The Committee recommended that the fees should be substantially reduced and that the remission system be reformed

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