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Just 30% Of People Know What The Gender Pay Gap Is According To Survey

A survey by YouGov has found that just 30% of people know what the gender pay gap is, according to a survey by YouGov, with many confusing the concept with that of equal pay.

Confusion About What The Gender Pay Gap Is

When asked by YouGov whether the gender pay gap was: “women as a whole being paid less on average than men as a whole” or “women being paid less than men for doing the same job”, just 30% of people correctly identified it as the first option, with 64% choosing the second option (the definition of equal pay), 5% stating don’t know, and 1% stating that it was something else.

Overall, the YouGov findings were as follows:-

  • Of those who claimed to understand the gender pay gap “very well”, just 33% selected the correct answer
  • 35% of men gave the right answer, compared with 24% of women
  • Men aged 18-29 were the group with the greatest understanding of what the gender pay gap is (39%). Women aged 30-39 were the group with the least understanding (16%)

In their commentary on the survey, YouGov state: “The lack of understanding of the gender pay gap, and how it differs from equal pay, presents an obvious issue for campaigners seeking to address the issue. Where equal pay is illegal and easy to spot, the gender pay gap is a more subtle problem relating to everything from increasing take-up of shared parental leave to dismantling gender stereotypes around different types of work. While the former is simply a matter of workers’ rights, the latter requires effort from government, employers, but also education and civil society to tackle. If gender pay gap campaigners seek to make progress, one of the first things they need to ensure is that everyone understands the challenge at hand.

Results Of Earlier YouGov Survey

An earlier YouGov survey found that employees at organisations with 250 or more staff, when asked whether their employer had made it clear to them what the gender pay gap is, just 44% said they had, with 36% stating that they had not.

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