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Older Workers Want More Flexible Working Hours, But Age Discrimination Remains “Rife”

A new survey by Saga Populus, which was commissioned by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), has found that 78% of older workers would like greater flexibility in terms of working hours, whilst 73% would like to see more part-time roles. However, another report has found that age discrimination remains “rife” New […]

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International Stress Awareness Week Begins

As we highlighted in our recent article, this week is International Stress Awareness Week which runs from the 5th November 2018 – 9th November 2018. International Stress Awareness Week International Stress Awareness Week also includes National Stress Awareness Day 2018, which will be held on the 7th November 2018. National Stress Awareness Day was launched […]

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Recent Research Highlights The Long Term Health Risks Of Presenteeism

Further to our recent article on presenteeism, recent research has highlighted that the long term health risks of presenteeism may be worse than originally thought. The Health Risks Of Presenteeism New research focusing upon the health risks of presenteeism have been released by the TUC, the University of Helsinki, Vitality Health, Holloway Friendly, and CABA. […]

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The Phenomenon Of Presenteeism In The Workplace

Following on from our recent article about stress at work, another new survey has found that what has also grown in tandem with the rise in work related stress, has been the increasing problem of ‘presenteeism‘. The Phenomenon of Presenteeism It used to be the case that presenteeism simply meant working longer hours and taking fewer […]

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Stress At Work: A Growing Problem

New research from CABA, a charity that supports chartered accountants, has found that stress at work remains an enormous problem Mental Health At Work As we highlighted in a previous article, a report by the Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fund (BHSF) entitled “Breaking the Cycle” found that A quarter of British workers had taken time off […]

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National Stress Awareness Day 2017

Tomorrow, the 1st November, is National Stress Awareness Day 2017 (NSAD17) National Stress Awareness Day 2017 (NSAD17) National Stress Awareness Day was launched back in 1999 by the International Stress Management Association (UK) to highlight the problem of stress, including in the workplace. National Stress Awareness Day 2017 is being held on the 1st November 2017. Mental […]