Gender Pay Gap Falls To 5% For Women Aged 20-29

A study by the Resolution Foundation has found that the gender pay gap for women aged 20-29 has halved to 5%. Nevertheless, beyond the age of 29, the gap widens sharply, with women facing a gap of almost 30% by the time they reach their mid 40’s. Moreover, a recent report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) stated that gap widens considerably in the 12 years after the birth of the first child. The Women and Equalities Select Committee found in a separate report that the main reasons for the gender pay gap were that working women continued to be heavily concentrated in low paid sectors of the economy, and child care responsibilities.

As we reported last year, under the The Equality Act (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2016, private sector and voluntary organisations who employ 250 or more people are required to report on gender pay gaps (with pay defined to include maternity pay, holiday pay, and bonuses), and they will have to provide details relating to the overall mean and median gender pay gap in each 12 month period up to the 30th April, beginning with the 12 month period up to the 30th April 2017 (to be published in April 2018). These requirements will be extended to the public sector at a later date.

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