Fitness To Practice Proceedings

As specialist regulatory law solicitors and fitness to practice solicitors, we have extensive experience in defending professionals of all kinds who are facing fitness to practice proceedings that have been instigated against them by their regulatory body.

Fitness To Practice Solicitors: Regulatory & Fitness To Practice Proceedings

When a regulatory body brings fitness to practice proceedings against you, thereby threatening both your career and your livelihood, it is obviously a very stressful situation. Accordingly, our specialist fitness to practice solicitors will endeavour to remove a lot of the fear from the process by explaining it, advising you on what is likely to happen, and by telling you what we can do to help. Moreover, at each and every stage, our fitness to practice solicitors will set out what the options available to you are.

Our fitness to practice solicitors will:-

  • Advise you on what steps we need to take to maximise the chances of mounting a successful defence to the fitness to practice proceedings
  • Prepare your fitness to practice case for the hearing
  • Represent you at the fitness to practice hearing

Whether you are an accountant, a doctor, a social worker, a teacher, or a member of any profession, if you are involved in a fitness to practice case before a regulatory body and require advice, representation, or help and assistance of any kind, then we can help. Our fitness to practice solicitors have extensive experience in providing assistance in all areas of regulatory law. Please either telephone us on 0333 301 0700 or complete the questionnaire opposite.

The following are just a few of the types of professional we are able to assist:-

Fitness To Practice Solicitors: What To Do If You Have A Case

Should you require help and assistance of any kind in relation to a fitness to practice matter before a regulatory body, please do not hesitate to contact our specialist fitness to practice solicitors, either by calling us on 0333 301 0700 or by completing the questionnaire on the right hand side of this page.

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