Settlement Agreements: The Costs

One question that is often asked is what are the costs for advising on a settlement agreement?

What Are The Costs For Advising On A Settlement Agreement?

If you are an employee who has been offered a settlement agreement by your employer, and you now require independent legal advice on it, then it should cost you absolutely nothing to obtain that advice. This is because your employer will normally pay the costs for you. That is, the employer will usually agree to pay the legal costs up to a certain amount and that is normally sufficient to cover our costs. Indeed, we guarantee not to charge you more than what your employee has agreed to pay. Accordingly, we guarantee that you will not have to pay anything yourself personally.

What To Do If You Require Advice On A Settlement Agreement

Should you have been offered a Settlement Agreement which you require independent advice on, then please call one of our solicitors immediately on 07919 561266 or complete the questionnaire on the right hand side of this page. A solicitor will then arrange an appointment with you to go through the Settlement Agreement and advise accordingly.

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