National Insurance Increase Image

The National Insurance Increase For The Self-Employed: A Tax On Aspiration

The Government’s decision to increase national insurance contributions for the self-employed is probably one of the worst budget measures in recent times. Not only has the Government broken it’s 2015 election pledge to not increase national insurance contributions for 5 years, but the measure represents a tax on aspiration and wealth creation, and is completely […]

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Increases to the Limits on Statutory Redundancy Pay and Unfair Dismissal Awards Take Effect on the 6th April 2017

The maximum limits on statutory redundancy pay and unfair dismissal awards will increase from the 6th April 2017. Statutory Redundancy Pay And The Basic Award A formula based upon age, length of service, and average gross weekly pay is used to calculate statutory redundancy pay and the basic award in unfair dismissal claims. The figure for […]