Addison Lee Courier Held To Be Worker In ‘Gig Economy’ Case

A courier working for taxi company, Addison Lee, has been held by the Central London Employment Tribunal to be a worker, and not a self-employed independent contractor, in the latest ‘gig economy’ case on the issue of employment status. Gig Economy: The Addison Lee Ruling Employment judge, Joanna Wade, held at the Central London Employment […]

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Supreme Court Rules That Employment Tribunal Fees Are Unlawful

The Supreme Court has held that employment tribunal fees are unlawful in both UK and EU law The Judgment: Employment Tribunal Fees Unlawful The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that employment tribunal fees were “inconsistent with access to justice” They had brought about a 70% fall in the number of claims being commenced. Not only did […]

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ACAS Annual Report For 2016/17 Published. Shows Slight Increase In Early Conciliation Notifications

ACAS has just published its 2016/17 report and the ACAS annual report shows only a marginal increase in early conciliation notifications of 0.1% compared with the previous year. The 2016/17 ACAS Annual Report Findings The findings of the ACAS annual report were:- There was a 0.1% increase in the number of early conciliation notifications compared […]

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Report Urges Government To Protect ‘Gig Economy’ Workers

In a report into the ‘gig economy’, Frank Field MP has called for an “emergency intervention” by the Government to protect workers. ‘Gig Economy’ Report Findings The findings of the ‘gig economy’ report, include the following:- Workers being fined for failing to work whilst ill. One worker stated: “If I fail to turn up to […]

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Employment Tribunal Fees Supreme Court Appeal: Judgment Awaited

The Supreme Court will shortly hand down its Judgment in UNISON’s Employment Tribunal fees appeal – R (on the application of UNISON) v Lord Chancellor (2017). The appeal was heard by the Supreme Court on the 27th and 28th March 2017. After the hearing, UNISON stated: “The government’s decision to demand a fee from anyone […]

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National Working From Home Day 2017

Today is National Working From Home Day, an initiative organised by Work Wise UK. The Increasing Trend Of Working From Home The numbers of people working from home have increased markedly over the last decade. This is borne out by a recent TUC research and data from the Office for National Statistics. Working From Home: The […]

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Employment Law, Cyber Security, And Data Protection

Prevention is better than cure as they say! And that is certainly the case with cyber security and data protection. This has implications for employment law. The WannaCry ransomware attack that crippled the IT systems of many organisations, including those of the NHS, once again highlights the importance of cyber security and data protection. Furthermore, […]