Settlement Agreements

When the relationship between an employer and employee irretrievably breaks down, one solution is for both sides to enter into a 'settlement agreement', and our specialist settlement agreement solicitors can assist you with this process.

Settlement Agreement Solicitors: How We Can Help

Settlement agreements were formerly known as compromise agreements. Our specialist settlement agreement solicitors not only draft settlement agreements for employers, but also provide employees with the independent legal advice required. Our head office is in Wilmslow, Cheshire. However, we also have many branch offices nationwide, including in Manchester and Liverpool. Hence, one of our specialist solicitors will be able to discuss your settlement agreement with you at an office which is local to you. Moreover, we will be able to arrange an appointment for you extremely quickly, and at very short notice, often on the very same day.

What Are Settlement Agreements?

A settlement agreement is a legally binding agreement which allows the employee to receive an agreed tax free lump sum. In return, the employee agrees not to pursue their case to an Employment Tribunal or the civil courts. Moreover, it is also possible to include an agreed reference within the settlement agreement.

A settlement agreement is usually, but not always, drawn up by the employer’s solicitor. To be valid, a settlement agreement must comply with the following requirements:-

  • The agreement must be in writing
  • The nature of the dispute being settled must be specified within the agreement
  • The agreement must include a statement confirming that the conditions governing settlement agreements have been complied with
  • The employee must have received independent legal advice on the settlement agreement. This must be from a person who is qualified and insured to provide it, such as their solicitor. The settlement agreement must also identify who that person was. The employer pays the costs involved for the employee taking this advice.

For further information, please visit the following page: what is a settlement agreement?

Settlement Agreements: Standard Terms

Settlement Agreements usually contain a number of standard terms. Normally, these terms are as follows:-

  • That the employer will pay a lump sum as compensation for loss of office
  • That the Employee agrees not to pursue legal proceedings in the Employment Tribunal or in the civil courts
  • A statement of the fact that the first £30,000.00 of compensation for loss of office can be paid tax free. In return, the employee provides a tax indemnity to the employer in respect of any tax due
  • A confidentiality clause relating to trade secrets, and the existence of the Settlement Agreement plus its terms and conditions.
  • No derogatory remarks by either party in relation to the other
  • Return of employers property by employee
  • The position on post termination restrictive covenants is often set out
  • That the employer will provide an agreed reference for the employee to prospective future employers, a copy of the agreed wording of which is annexed to the Settlement Agreement
  • Confirmation that the employee has received independent legal advice

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Specialist Settlement Agreement Solicitors

All of our solicitors have many years of experience in handling, drafting, and advising upon settlement agreements. Often, the compensation offered is low compared with what you could obtain at an Employment Tribunal. In most cases, our solicitors are able to broker an increase in compensation should you wish us to.

Settlement Agreement Solicitors: Obtaining Advice

If you have been offered a settlement agreement which you require independent legal advice upon, please call us immediately on 0333 3010 700. Alternatively, please complete the questionnaire opposite. We will then arrange an appointment with you to go through the agreement. We provide advice on settlement agreements at the following offices: Wilmslow, Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington (Cheshire), Cheltenham, Chester (Cheshire), Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Cannock, Exeter, Crewe (Cheshire), London, Nottingham, Bristol, Stoke-on-Trent, Preston, Knutsford (Cheshire), Alderley Edge (Cheshire), Gloucester, Shrewsbury, Worcester, Halifax, Cardiff, Coventry, and Leicester. Alternatively, if you need the agreement looking at quickly, and you don't have time to get into the local office, then you can email a copy of the agreement to us and we can then go through it with you over the phone.

Settlement Agreements: The Costs

If you are an employee who requires independent legal advice on a Settlement Agreement, then it should cost you absolutely nothing to obtain it as normally your employer will pay the costs for you. That is, usually, the employer will agree to pay the legal costs up to a certain amount and that is normally sufficient to cover our costs. Indeed, we guarantee not to charge you more than what your employee has agreed to pay. Accordingly, we guarantee that you will not have to pay anything yourself personally.

For further information, please visit the following page: what are the costs for advising on a settlement agreement?

Local Offices In Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool, & Nationwide

Should you require advice on a settlement agreement face-to-face in person with one of our specialist solicitors, then you will be able to arrange an appointment at an office local to you. As stated above, we have offices in Wilmslow (Cheshire), Manchester, Liverpool, Leicester, Chester (Cheshire), Preston, Gloucester, Sheffield, Leeds, Coventry, Birmingham, Knutsford (Cheshire), Cheltenham, Nottingham, Cardiff, Exeter, Alderley Edge (Cheshire), Shrewsbury, London, Bristol, Cannock, Warrington (Cheshire), Worcester, Crewe (Cheshire), Halifax, and Stoke-on-Trent. There are specialist solicitors at all of our offices.

We can arrange an appointment for you with one of our settlement agreement solicitors very quickly, even at short notice.

Completing A Settlement Agreement: How Long Does It Take?

Completion time depends upon how complex the dispute is, and a willingness by both sides to resolve matters. Nevertheless, our solicitors are normally able to broker a resolution and complete the overwelming majority of settlements agreements very quickly.

Settlement Agreement Solicitors: Contact Us

Please contact our specialist settlement agreement solicitors on 0333 301 0700, or complete the questionnaire opposite. With offices in Manchester, Cheshire, Liverpool, and nationwide, one of our specialist settlement agreement solicitors will be able to see you at an office local to yourself.

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