Snoopers Charter Image

Government Makes Small Concessions Over The Snoopers Charter

The Government has made some small concessions over the Snoopers Charter (otherwise known as the The Investigatory Powers Act 2016), although these concessions go nowhere near far enough. European Court of Justice (ECJ) To Rule On The Legality Of Bulk Data Collection We set out the full background to the Snoopers Charter in our last article […]

Employment Tribunal Claims Have Increased Image

Employment Tribunal Claims Have Increased Significantly Since The Scrapping Of Fees

The National User Group of Employment Tribunals has reported that employment tribunal claims have increased considerably in some regions since the scrapping of fees, following the Supreme Court ruling that the fees were unlawful. The Statistics Figures released by the Ministry of Justice show that 7,042 single claims were received during the period July 2017 […]

Increase In The National Minimum Wage Image

National Minimum Wage Increases From The 1st April 2018

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, recently announced in the 2017 Budget that the National Living Wage will increase from £7.50 per hour to £7.83 per hour from the 1st April 2018. Following on from that, the Government has now confirmed that it will accept the recommendations made by the Low Pay Commission with respect […]

Increase in Statutory Maternity Pay Image

Statutory Maternity Pay And Paternity Pay To Increase in April 2018.

The Government recently announced that there would be an increase in statutory maternity pay, paternity pay, shared parental pay, and adoption pay from the 1st April 2018. Increase In Statutory Maternity Pay, Paternity Pay, Shared Parental Pay, and Adoption Pay The increased rates are as follows:- Statutory maternity pay – those who qualify are entitled […]

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Uber Appeal To Supreme Court

Following the defeat of the Uber appeal in the EAT, Uber is now seeking permission to bypass the Court of Appeal in order to take its appeal directly to the Supreme Court. The Uber Appeal On the 10th November 2017, the EAT handed down its judgment in Uber BV and others v Aslam and others […]

National Living Wage Increase Image

Budget 2017: National Living Wage Increase Announced

The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, included a National Living Wage increase amongst a raft of announcements in the 2017 Budget. National Living Wage Increase The National Living Wage will increase from £7.50 per hour to £7.83 per hour from April 2018. In percentage terms, the National Living Wage increase was one of 4.4%, well above the current rate […]

EAT Rule That Uber Drivers Are Workers Image

Uber Lose Appeal, As EAT Rules Its Drivers Are Workers

Uber has lost its appeal, as the EAT rule that Uber drivers are workers in a decision that was handed down on Friday 10th November 2017. Although Uber plan to appeal the decision, the ruling will have major ramifications for the gig economy. Aslam and others v Uber BV and others (2016) At first instance, […]

Metropolitan Police v Denby (2017) Image

Metropolitan Police v Denby (2017)

The Employment Appeal Tribunal recently ruled in the case of Metropolitan Police v Denby (2017) Metropolitan Police v Denby (2017): Background To The Case A male police officer was placed under an internal and criminal investigation following complaints that some within the group that he led had claimed for overtime not worked. However, similar complaints […]

National Stress Awareness Day 2017 Image

National Stress Awareness Day 2017

Tomorrow, the 1st November, is National Stress Awareness Day 2017 (NSAD17) National Stress Awareness Day 2017 (NSAD17) National Stress Awareness Day was launched back in 1999 by the International Stress Management Association (UK) to highlight the problem of stress, including in the workplace. National Stress Awareness Day 2017 is being held on the 1st November 2017. Mental […]